Visionect Knowledge Base

Visionect’s technical documentation covers all the intricacies of our award-winning electronic paper technology that enables you to quickly build your own interactive digital signs.

Browse the exhaustive guide to find out more about our e-paper products and the software that powers it all.

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Quick start

Visionect electronic paper products are a versatile enterprise-grade tool to rapidly develop ultra low-power signage. Visionect technology is ideal for off-the-grid, solar powered signs for public transportation, wayfinding, retail, hospitality and more.

Get started in three easy steps:


Connect your device to power and use the Micro USB cable to connect it to the computer. See how here.


Download and run the Visionect Configurator to configure the device. Choose your connectivity type and enter the details of the connection into the Configurator. Next, enter the address of the server on which your device is to run.

Included with the purchase of every Visionect Development kit is 1 month of free server hosting.


Once your device has been configured to your wireless network, you can begin building your signage solution. Use the Visionect Software Suite to upload images or websites to the epaper screen, reconfigure your settings and keep tabs on device performance, and design interactive apps or reuse existing apps for really fast development.