Visionect Firmware

The release notes cover the changes to the Visionect Firmware and implications for end users. Please consult these before upgrading to the new firmware.

Release 3.2.1622 “road runner”

New features:

  • Added support for 42” EPD
  • User buttons wake up the device from a deep sleep
  • Enable border support for all 13” EPDs


  • GPS enabled by default for targets with SIM5320
  • Fixed exception if invalid static IP was configured and DHCP was disabled
  • Greatly reduced image load and display times:
    • System board 32” (ethernet): 70%
    • System board 9,7” (ethernet): 37%
    • 2nd Generation 6” sign: 16-31%
    • System board 13” (WiFi): 7%

Release 2.11.1512

New features:

  • Added support for user buttons (Visionect System Board 32”).
  • Added support for Visionect Sign 9.7”, BOM2.
  • Added button press statistics into PV2 status packet.
  • Added mobile connection type information (GSM, WCDMA) into PV2 status packet.


  • Increased EPD update timeout to 50s.
  • Decreased power consumption in ‘always on’ mode.
  • Inverted standby switch logic.

Release 2.5.1512


This release is for Second generation Visionect Sign 6” (HW 1.0 BOM 2) only.

New features:
  • New TCLV for reading currently used (compiled) display type.
  • Added target for Second generation Visionect Sign 6” (HW version 1.0 BOM 2).
  • Added support for custom clean sequence before image update.
  • Print CRC of successfully flashed bootloader.
  • Print image process time profile.
  • Added CLI commands.
  • Added TCLV functions.
  • Fixed display of WFM frequency on some waveforms.
  • Changed CLI commands.
  • Changed TCLV functions.

Release 2.1.1512

New features

Added CLI commands

CLI command Description
touch_test Enables touch coordinate printouts for production testing
cc3100_mac_address Show WiFi module’s MAC address
cc3100_scan Performs scan on Wi-Fi CC3100
cc3100_fw_upgrade Force Firmware upgrade
cc3100_format Formats the CC3100 SPI FLASH
scpu_fl_pwmlim Sets the cached (on MCPU) front-light PWM duty cycle limit setting

Added TCLV functions

TCLV command Description
TCLV_ID_PLAY_RTTTL Write: Play RTTTL song [text]. Read: play status: 0=Idle, 1=Playing
TCLV_ID_CONNECT Force connection establish. Read requested connection status
TCLV_ID_CONNECTION_STATUS Read connection status
TCLV_ID_APP_NAME Application name
TCLV_ID_CONN_TYPE_LIST Connectivity support: bit0=Wifi, bit1=Ethernet, bit2=Mobile
TCLV_ID_CONN_DRIVERS_LIST Connectivity drivers: see CLI command conn_type_list
TCLV_ID_DISABLE_CONN Disable connectivity for N minutes
TCLV_ID_HARDWARE_VER HW version: ID, Major, Minor, BOM
TCLV_ID_APPLICATION_VER Application version: Major, Minor, Revision
TCLV_ID_BOOTLOADER_VER Bootloader version: Major, Minor, Revision
TCLV_ID_APP_READY Application ready status: 0:Not ready, 1:Ready
TCLV_ID_REBOOT Reboot device
TCLV_ID_JUMP_TO_APP Jump to application
TCLV_ID_CONN_FW_VER Connectivity FW version
TCLV_ID_STATUS_SENT If 1, device successfully sent status packet to server, 0 otherwise


  • Fix: Fixed touch power-up handling (may improve power consumption on some devices)
  • Fix: Error handling for writing to constant TCLVs
  • Fix: FW reporting of broken firmware (application and bootloader)
  • Fix: GPS ID in status packet
  • Enhancement: Support for RS9113 FW 1.6.4
  • Fix: RS9110 default DTIM skip set to 200
  • Enhancement: Default ethernet connectivity timeout set to 10 sec
  • Enhancement: System conf set error handling for devices with no touch
  • Fix: Replaced EPD init code for EPD ED097TC1 9.7’‘
  • Fix: RS9110 Disabled full power mode prior transmission
  • Enhancement: Integrated WFM 320_R133_AD5F01_ED133UT2C1_TC.wbf
  • Enhancement: RS9110 listen interval command has separate API
  • Enhancement: Added printout when battery empty
  • Enhancement: Touch test mode for production
  • Enhancement: Support for custom disconnected screens
  • Enhancement: TCLV_ID_CONN_TYPE: immediately apply new connectivity
  • Enhancement: W5500: improved socket closing (FIN sent)
  • Fix: device put to sleep if battery empty regardless of the disconnected screens
  • Fix: sporadic duplicated battery screen update
  • Fix: connectivity off if going from battery ready to empty
  • Enhancement: Seamless TCLV command and parameter handling
  • Enhancement: Add remote read only tag to TCLV_ID_SYS_SHIP_MODE
  • Fix: CC3100 asserts replaced with error handling
  • Enhancement: Added support for CC3100 SPI FLASH format via CLI
  • Fix: WIFI_EAP_USERNAME and WIFI_EAP_PASSWORD were exchanged
  • Enhancement: SIM5320: Support for WCDMA IMT 2000 and WCDMA 850 band selection
  • Enhancement: Added target for VT2 ver 1.0 with CC3100 module instead of RS9113
  • Fix: NACK for GPS command if not supported,
  • Fix: Response transmission for sleep command
  • Fix: RS9110 prevent locking of module in higher consumption state
  • Enhancement: Touch events dropped during battery screens
  • Fix: CC3100: Fixed open mode security connection
  • Enhancement: CC3100: Added EAP support.
  • Fix: configuration read for TTLS/MSCHAPV2
  • Enhancement: CC3100: integrated FW
  • Fix: RS9113: Support for fast PSP (automatic power save mode switching) for FW 1.6.1 and above
  • Enhancement: Roaming TCLVs

Release 1.24.1257

New features
  • Added support for System Board 32” 1.0
  • Increased HReady timeout to 15s
  • Updated fw_version_get CLI help
  • GPS related commands not shown in help if GPS not enabled
  • Reduced sleep timeouts for USB cable detection

Release 1.21.1257

New features
  • Touch events dropped during battery screens
  • Fixed RSSI reading on mobile connection
  • Improved stability of mobile connection
  • Fixed stripes during first image update after EPD powerup
  • Battery undervoltage handling in case of server frontlight control fixed
  • Heater powered off if external temperature sensor is disconnected

Release 1.12.1257

  • Fixed EPD rails power sequence on System Board 32”

Release 1.9.1257

New features
  • WiFi: added command for background scan
  • Added support for disabling/enabling accelerometer via CLI during sleep
  • Added wifi and mobile settings to TCLV
  • Added wifi EAP settings to TCLV
  • Optimized Wi-Fi driver timeouts
  • Panda DS : improved WiFi stability
  • Touch coordinates on first generation Visionect Sign 6” fixed
  • Fixed crash in shipping mode
  • System Board 32”: Improved power consumption shipping mode is enabled
  • Fixed extended ethernet settings
  • Fixed battery images for first generation Visionect Sign 6”
  • Roaming settings exposed via TCLVs
  • USB cable detection updates battery screens immediately
  • Set default heartbeat interval to 4 minutes
  • Fixed image load in 4bpp mode when image size was not dividable by 4
  • TCLV: setting touch enable/disable via TCLV also switches ON/OFF touch

Release 0.5.9

  • Improved WiFi stability with some APs

Release 0.5.7

  • Fixed display type CLI for big numbers

Release 0.5.5

New features
  • WiFi: added command for background scan
  • Optimized Wi-Fi driver timeouts
  • Fixed sporadic touch upgrades after device power-up