Visionect technology

Visionect electronic paper technology is the quickest way to deploy reliable digital signage solutions in the field, building on our past know-how and expertise and considerably shortening your time to market. Visionect solutions power projects ranging from GPS-triggered truckside billboards to large tiled outdoor traffic signs running in the hot Australian climate. Browse through our extensive showcase library here.

Visionect offers development kits for customers that would like to test our technology or want to get started with development. Visionect development kits provide you with an easy and affordable option to validate if electronic paper fits the requirements you have. You can use it to prototype the target application and showcase it to your customers.

After you’re convinced that Visionect technology fits your requirements, we can supply you with signage products equipped with the selected e-paper display, so that you can start building your solution. The software that you’ve used in the prototyping phase can be directly applied to your production-ready solution. We’ll offer support during the process and help you with any issues that you might have.

System architecture

All Visionect products are thin-client devices managed by the Visionect Software Suite. They are extremely power efficient, can be battery powered and enable you to build fully autonomous solutions with the help of a solar cell.

The Software Suite runs your applications and streams graphical data to the electronic paper devices, taking care of all the operational aspects of signage, from configuration to monitoring of devices. The Suite manages the device sessions and takes care of all required bookkeeping (bringing new sessions up, restarting them, destroying them). If a device disconnects (goes to sleep or loses connectivity), the session continues to run on the server, with the device syncing the server state when it reconnects.

The content on Visionect devices displayed is web-based, so developers can use standard web technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript) to create new interactive signage applications or connect existing ones, such as your Content Management System (CMS).

Visionect products

Visionect supports various electronic paper sizes, from 6’’ to 32’’, in grayscale and color. Visionect products use Ethernet, WiFi or 3G to display your content and are available in casings for indoor use or as bare electronics for use in your own device enclosures.

Multiple electronic paper displays can be driven by a single Visionect device and System Boards tiled together to create custom screen sizes. Finally, the power options enable the creation of products with very long battery life or even completely autonomous and self-sustainable outdoor systems that can be indefinitely powered by a solar cell.

Find out more about the different Visionect products here.

Visionect Software Suite

The Visionect Software Suite is at the heart of our technology. The Suite acts as a server for thin clients and hosts an entity (session) for each Visionect client device. It makes sure that e-paper displays connected to client devices display the correct content. Around that we’ve built a host of features that enable you to deploy, control, manage and integrate the Software Suite in your solutions.

Developers can use regular HTML5, CSS and Javascript to build applications to be displayed on Visionect devices. The Suite will take any web application, process it and push it to the client devices.

Develop apps with any backend technology such as Node.JS, .Net, Java, Python, Ruby and others. Developers are able to access hardware features such as Wi-Fi signal strength, battery status and device configuration through a robust set of JavaScript APIs or via REST interfaces. Besides easy development with your existing skills and tools, you also get to reuse any existing web apps for really fast development. This means that all the applications that you’ve already built using web technologies require minimal work to run.

A Visionect Software Suite software license is included with every Visionect product you purchase and can be deployed on Windows, Linux, OSX and Cloud servers (with a Virtual Machine or directly with installation packages). The Suite is our core platform product we’ll constantly improve and upgrade with new features.

Find out more about the Visionect Software Suite here.