Visionect Software Suite SaaS is a fully managed cloud solution by Visionect, serving hundreds of devices at a tier-1 hosting provider, and is offered at several locations worldwide. Providing the fastest out-of-the-box experience, the latest features, and the best security, this is the recommended way of connecting Visionect devices to VSS. No technical setup is needed from the client side, and clients can get started right away with zero installation required.

This offering is covered by Visionect Software License Cloud Plan.

VSS on-premise

Although Visionect Software Suite can be run as an on-premise solution and full installation instructions are provided, this is not a recommended way of running devices. Ongoing effort is required from the client side to run it properly, and it is also potentially less secure, and less feature-full.

This offering is covered by Visionect Software License Essential Plan.