Web session & page reloading watchdog timer

Visionect Software Suite version 2.6 introduced a new page reloading watchdog timer. To prevent the web app from “freezing”, users can now turn on a page reload time-out for each device session in the Management Interface. If the app freezes, it will simply be reloaded after the set time-out, making the client device usable again. A working app can reset the watchdog timer before it would time out. The app can start the timer (if it is not already running), can check the timeout value which was used to start the timer, and can stop the timer.

  • Start or restart the watchdog timer:
    • The function:

starts up the timer, while stopping any old timers that might have already been running. The function accepts the timeout in seconds as a parameter.

  • The function:

checks the timeout value used when the timer started. The function returns null if the timer is disabled, or returns the timeout value in seconds used when the timer started.

  • Stop the watchdog timer:
    • The function:

stops the watchdog timer.