Place & Play

Visionect’s Place & Play signage family consists of ready-to-use electronic paper signs, the first instance of mount, display and player combined in a single digital signage device.

Featuring support for all major content management systems and connecting via Wi-Fi, Place & Play is effortless to use, working without complex installation or customization, supported by the Visionect Software Suite.

Completely cordless, Place & Play can yield up to several months of use on a single battery charge, depending on the use case. The signs are ideal for any indoor use, no matter the industry or application.



Place & Play devices are provided in a high-end enclosure, milled from a single block of aerospace grade alloy, anodized to make it scratch and corrosion-resistant.

The glass surface was developed exclusively for Place & Play and is 33% thinner than comparable glass surfaces, with a low-iron, non-crystalline amorphous structure that allows for clarity of image and high contrast.