System architecture

All Visionect products are thin-client devices managed by the Visionect Software Suite. They are extremely power efficient, can be battery powered and enable you to build fully autonomous solutions with the help of a solar cell.

The Software Suite runs your applications and streams graphical data to the electronic paper devices, taking care of all the operational aspects of signage, from configuration to monitoring of devices. The Suite manages the device sessions and takes care of all required bookkeeping (bringing new sessions up, restarting them, destroying them). If a device disconnects (goes to sleep or loses connectivity), the session continues to run on the server, with the device syncing the server state when it reconnects.

The content on Visionect devices displayed is web-based, so developers can use standard web technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript) to create new interactive signage applications or connect existing ones, such as your Content Management System (CMS).