Visionect Software License


Visionect Software License was previously known as Visionect Cloud Hosting.

With our software offerings, we’ve embraced a cloud-first approach, prioritizing reliability, flexibility, and security in all future developments.

In accordance with this approach, a per-device license fee is now required for Place & Play CMS and all versions of VSS.

Signage plan

Place & Play CMS is a fully managed cloud CMS solution tailored for our Place & Play displays. It provides the most comprehensive digital signage experience, the latest features, and the best security. This is the recommended way of running Place & Play displays, combining integrated device management with sophisticated content management.

This offering is covered by Visionect Software License Signage Plan.

Cloud plan

Visionect Software Suite SaaS is our fully managed device management and content delivery solution, serving hundreds of devices at a tier-1 hosting provider, and is offered at several locations worldwide. Use this option if you develop your own interactive apps or want to integrate a 3rd party CMS.

This offering is covered by Visionect Software License Cloud Plan.

Essential plan

Visionect Software Suite can also be run as an on-premise solution and full installation instructions are provided. Please note that operating devices with the VSS in such capacity demands continuous effort from you or your client to maintain proper functionality and may pose security and feature limitations.

This offering is covered by Visionect Software License Essential Plan.

You can purchase the plan for your devices here!

To find more about your owned licenses and how to manage them visit the Managing Licenses section here.


One month of free Signage license is included with every device purchased.