Visionect Firmware

The release notes cover the changes to the Visionect Firmware and implications for end users. Please consult these before upgrading to the new firmware.

Firmware version 6

Release 6.16.4144

  • Added Place & Play 6” RE 1.6.0 and Place & Play 6” 1.6.0 support and integrated two new waveforms
  • Configurable broadcast filtering for RS9116 WiFi module

Release 6.13.4080

  • Added battery charging command (charging can be permanently disabled)
  • Added support and a waveform for the new 42” display
  • Added tool for appending TLV metadata to waveform files
  • Disabled Enhanced Max PSP Mode for RS9116 WiFi module

Release 6.12.4065

  • Added PP32 2.1 B2 support
  • Five devices retirement

Release 6.11.4055

  • Significant display update speed improvement on AC devices

Release 6.10.4047

  • Enabled WiFi Band and Autoconn TCLVs for remote access
  • Introduced USB and BLE CLI logging filtering. By default, amount of this data sent over BLE is drastically reduced
  • Reworked connectivity mechanism
  • Optimizations for RS9116 module
  • It is possible to obtain BSSID of connected Wi-Fi Access Point

Release 6.9.3947

  • Increases sound level on PandaAC devices
  • Supports new Joan 6 revision 2.5 B2 devices
  • Supports new display on Place & Play 32 revision 2.x devices
  • Removed support for Quad versions: 2.0.0, 2.0.1, 2.0.2
  • Removed support for PandaDS versions: 1.1.1, 1.1.2, 1.1.3
  • Removed support for VTablet versions: 0.4.0, 0.5.0, 0.6.0, 1.0.0
  • Fixes Ethernet re-connection on Joan 6 pro and PandaAC
  • Fixes live-view on Joan 6 pro rev 1.5 devices (with RS9116 WiFi module)

Firmware version 5

Release 5.26.3758

  • Replaced MM with TLSF allocator for duktape

Release 5.25.3747

  • TCLV_ID_EPD_COUNT upper limit
  • Added TCLV for changing the server IP/URL and/or port
  • Fixed unwanted connection teardown when connecting with JS API

Release 5.24.3744

  • Partial update checking changed
  • TCLVs for setting display configuration remotely accessible
  • File system allocator now in external SDRAM for AC targets
  • Connectivity driver switching fix
  • Fixed connection and battery charge status reporting in JS API

Release 5.21.3712

  • Changed proximity chip threshold parameters

Release 5.20.3702

  • Disable shipping mode when connected to VSS

Release 5.19.3667

  • Revert to previous battery voltage to percentage curves
  • Integrated new CC3135 service pack

Release 5.17.3617

  • Updated EPD serial number LOT num parsing
  • Added JS API for bidirectional unicode handling
  • Integrated touch firmware with improved responsiveness
  • Battery screen update every 30 seconds - needed for Joan 13 EMC compliance
  • Added JSE Eval TCLV
  • Added display R323 to PandaAC targets
  • Removed PandaAC 1.4 B1 (hardware not yet available) and VTabletAC 1.0 B0 (obsolete) from build
  • Large file download/upload PV3 error mitigation added to thin client
  • Sleep TCLV with 0 minutes assert fix
  • Failed JS application upgrade fix
  • CC3135 WiFi module WPA3 not working fix
  • Fixed IS25LP256 Flash size define

Release 5.11.3513

  • Integrated new CC3135 WiFi module service pack
  • Fixed asserts on PandaDS devices when buttons are not enabled

Firmware version 4 - “safeguard”

Release 4.10.2775

  • Fixed a critical issue on Visionect system board 32” version 2.0.0
  • Fixed: first frontlight command from server was rejected (Visionect system board 13”)
  • Removed support for Visionect System board 32”, versions: 0.5.0, 0.6.0, 1.0.0
  • Removed support for Visionect 9.7” tablet

Release 4.8.2775

  • Greatly improved link stability of 3G and 4G mobile connectivities
  • Inserted USB cable disables shipping mode as long as it is inserted
  • Fixed watchdog reset in case mobile link was connecting to the server more than 10 minutes
  • Fixed BT advertising

Release 4.5.2732

  • 4G: driver stability improved (sleep/wakeup transitions)
  • Fixed: Joan 6” frontlight fade slower
  • Fixed: Remote file read (zero file length case)
  • Fixed: Increased shipping mode power consumption on Joan 6 with BLE

Release 4.3.2666

  • Fixed: Joan 6” v2.3 did not enter sleep mode when frontlight was disabled
  • BLE: changed advertising data content
  • BLE is now disabled in shipping mode

Release 4.2.2651

New features:
  • Added support for Visionect System Board 32”, v3.1 BOM 0 (4G mobile)
  • Added support for Visionec System Board 13”, v 2.1 BOM 1 (4G mobile + WiFi)
  • Added support for Visionec System Board 13”, v 2.1 BOM 3 (4G mobile)
  • Added support for Joan 6”, v 2.3 BOM 0 (BLE, high contrast Carta EPD, frontlight, reduced power consumption)
  • On-device Text2Speech short string on button press
  • Added free and total FS size info into the status packet

Release 4.1.2484

New features:
  • PV3 protocol: introduces AES128 security and async messaging.
  • CLI: autolocks after 2 minutes of inactivity
  • Improved power consumption up to 10% on Joan 6”
  • Status packet: added information about used WiFi security type (WPA2, WPA2 enterprise, …)
  • Greatly reduced ghosting on Place&Play 32
  • Added TCLV to read IMEI from the mobile connectivity
  • Improved stability of mobile connection in some corner cases

Firmware version 3 - “road runner”

Release 3.42.2365

  • Fixed: mobile connection: Increased ‘RSSI good’ timeout from 40s to 80s.

Release 3.39.2365

New features:
  • Added option to lock CLI (block all CLI commands) with a password.
  • Added a CLI command for clearing the Ethernet MAC address.
  • Fixed: partial updates randomly reboot the device.
  • Fixed printout of the tclv_dump command on Visionect system board 32”.
  • Mobile connectivity:
  • Fixed a case where the connection falls into connect/disconnect cycles.
  • Improved connection stability, especially if data was transmitted and received at the same time (e.g.: device sends a status packet and at the same time server pushes an image)
  • Slightly improved data latency.

Release 3.36.2253

New features:
  • Added support for Polara button MUTE control via GPIO.
  • Added support for Sign 6” 1.0.3.
  • Fixed: image display for 42” was blocked.
  • Improved EPD controller handling on sync errors.
  • Fixed: WiFi certificate description deletion.

Release 3.35.2253

  • Fixed black clean image display on Place&Play 32”.
  • System Board 13”: Enabled internal pull up on button pins.
  • Increased the default Text2speech module timeout from 1 to 5 seconds.

Release 3.34.2218

New features:
  • Support for Place&Play32 1.1 BOM 0.
  • Fixed: Battery screens for Place&Play32
  • Fixed: Image display on Quad with 42” EPD (#459)
  • Fixed: Potential image corruption in case of connection error
  • Fixed: Button event transmission
Known issues/limitations:
  • Observed very rare image corruption during connectivity instability

Release 3.32.2185

New features:
  • Reject partial update after reboot, wakeup or battery screen.
  • Extensions (front-light and heater) do not work with temperature limits enabled
  • Improved power consumption on System boards 32: v0.6.0, 1.0.x, 2.0.x during associate state.
  • Fixed an instability when the device sent the status to the server and at the same time received an image from the server.
  • Button event timeout if there is no external temperature sensor connected.
  • Fixed rare image update error.
Known issues/limitations:
  • Observed very rare image corruption during connectivity instability

Release 3.30.2150

New features
  • Added support for text to speach on Visionect System Board 32”.
  • Show blank white screen if temperature is out of range.
  • Added target System board 32” 2.0 BOM 2 with support for File System in external flash.
  • Improved connection stability especially on frequent image updates with short heart-beat intervals.
  • Enabled TCLV remote control of external battery logic.
  • CLI commands improvements:
    • show help on second TAB press,
    • help content is now sorted,
    • commands are case insensitive.
  • Fixed display of custom disconnected image.
  • Fixed autoconn 0 CLI command.
  • GSM fix: prevent watchdog reboot in the unlikely event where GSM module becomes unresponsive.
  • Fixed FIN-ACK disconnect issue on the new WiFi module.
  • Fixed system temperature reading on System board 32”, version 0.3 BOM 1.
  • Improved power consumption when using mobile connection with System boards:.
    • 2.0 BOM 0
    • 2.0 BOM 1
    • 2.0 BOM 2
    • 1.0 BOM 1

Release 3.26.2006

New features
  • Added option to display “disconnected” image instead of “battery empty” one. See CLI documentation, command sys_conf_set
  • Added autocomplete functionality to CLI
  • Added m2m mode

Release 3.25.2005

New features
  • Added roaming support on mobile connectivity
  • Improved button stability during image download. Relevant for Visionect System Board 9.7”/13.3”
  • Improved upgrade stability of System Board 32”. Relevant for HW version >= 0.5

Release 3.23.1984

New features
  • Added voltage monitor for external battery on System Board 32”/42”
  • Improved System Board 32”/42” upgrade robustness and speed
  • Fixed sporadic warnings on System Boards 32”/42”
  • Improved error handling of invalid images

Release 3.21.1958

New features
  • Implemented battery gauge.
  • Support for the text2speech module (Visionect System Boards 9.7’’/13.3’’).
  • Added support for Joan classroom.
  • Speedup DHCP process on ethernet connection.
  • Fixed server side disconnection handling.
  • Fixed “PV2 timeout was always 5 seconds” setting on WiFi connection.
  • Fixed exception that ​might ​occurred after several disconnections.

Release 3.18.1868

New features:
  • Added static IP support for Place & Play 6” (applies to HW version 1.0.2)
  • Visionect System boards: standby input connected to internal pull up (previously was floating)

Release 3.14.1622

New features:
  • New battery screen design.
  • Added a setting and the TCLV to force the border update on OneThree.
  • Ethernet connection: increased max DNS length up to 42 chars.
  • Extended wifi password to 64 chars (except for Visionect System Board 9.7”/13.3” and First generation Visionect Sign 6”).
  • Minimize inter-panel vertical stripe on 42’’ EPDs.
  • Fixed display driver instability on a slow connectivity (GSM).
  • Mobile data connection: improved connection startup time.
  • Fixed VCOM warning messages on CLI.
  • Fixed reporting of width and height on First generation Visionect Sign 6”.
  • Optimized power consumption on System Board 32” (v0.5.0, v0.6.0, v1.0.1, v2.0.0, v2.0.1).
  • Fixed possible image fading on the System Board 32” v2.0.x.
  • Optimized power consumption in sleep mode for the OneThree.
  • Fixed reported I2C NACK error on CLI for the OneThree.
  • Fixed exception if user executed status_get CLI command in shipping mode.
  • Fixed issue with PV2 collision if the image is pushed during heart-beat transmission.

Release 3.11.1622

  • Improved mobile connection startup time (applies to some mobile providers)
  • System boards 32” and 42”: fixed startup warning message about VCOMs out of limits

Release 3.9.1622

New features:
  • Added support for the GTIN number
  • Added support to fix border color in settings

Release 3.8.1622

New features:
  • Added support for System boards 32” 2.0B0 and 1.0B1
  • Added support for the Place & Play 13”
  • Fixed display driver instability on slow connectivity (GSM)

Release 3.7.1622

New features:
  • Added support for System boards 32” 1.0B0 and 1.0B1 (new DPU)
  • Added setting for disabling/enabling extension to prevent I2C errors on console on System Board 9.7”/13.3” and System Board 32” 1.3B1 (by default the extensions are disabled!).
  • Added front-light sensor value reporting in status packet
  • Added standby switch on System boards 32”
  • Added new wpa2eu setting to disable device side certificate authentication in WPA2 Enterprise mode
  • Enabled CLI commands for GPS
  • System Boards 32” (>0.5B0): added option to measure an external voltage and send it via status packet
  • System boards 32”: send external temperature in status packet before any image is drawn
  • Fixed wrong IC type message before image update
  • Fixed border support
  • Fixed default front-light table

Release 3.3.1622

New features:
  • Added custom button support for system boards 9.7” and 13”
  • Integrated waveform for 32” display
  • System Board 32” rev. 0.5+: support for front-light off indicator
  • Added setting to disable battery beeps
  • Mobile connectivity: improved connection stability when files are uploaded to device
  • Mobile connection: fixed modem power handling on connection disconnects
  • Mobile connection: prefer 3G over 2G
  • System board: improved frontlight postfilter and prefilter calculation for small values
Known issues and limitations:
  • System Board 32” (hardware version 1.3B1): in rare cases reading temperature from external sensor might fail. In this case the temperature from the Board will be used during image update.

Release 3.2.1622

New features:
  • Added support for 42” EPD
  • User buttons wake up the device from a deep sleep
  • Enable border support for all 13” EPDs
  • GPS enabled by default for targets with SIM5320
  • Fixed exception if invalid static IP was configured and DHCP was disabled
  • Greatly reduced image load and display times:
    • System board 32” (ethernet): 70%
    • System board 9,7” (ethernet): 37%
    • 2nd Generation 6” sign: 16-31%
    • System board 13” (WiFi): 7%

Firmware version 2

Release 2.11.1512

New features:
  • Added support for user buttons (Visionect System Board 32”).
  • Added support for Visionect Sign 9.7”, BOM2.
  • Added button press statistics into PV2 status packet.
  • Added mobile connection type information (GSM, WCDMA) into PV2 status packet.
  • Increased EPD update timeout to 50s.
  • Decreased power consumption in ‘always on’ mode.
  • Inverted standby switch logic.

Release 2.5.1512


This release is for Second generation Visionect Sign 6” (HW 1.0 BOM 2) only.

New features:
  • New TCLV for reading currently used (compiled) display type.
  • Added target for Second generation Visionect Sign 6” (HW version 1.0 BOM 2).
  • Added support for custom clean sequence before image update.
  • Print CRC of successfully flashed bootloader.
  • Print image process time profile.
  • Added CLI commands.
  • Added TCLV functions.
  • Fixed display of WFM frequency on some waveforms.
  • Changed CLI commands.
  • Changed TCLV functions.

Release 2.1.1512

New features

Added CLI commands

CLI command Description
touch_test Enables touch coordinate printouts for production testing
cc3100_mac_address Show WiFi module’s MAC address
cc3100_scan Performs scan on Wi-Fi CC3100
cc3100_fw_upgrade Force Firmware upgrade
cc3100_format Formats the CC3100 SPI FLASH
scpu_fl_pwmlim Sets the cached (on MCPU) front-light PWM duty cycle limit setting

Added TCLV functions

TCLV command Description
TCLV_ID_PLAY_RTTTL Write: Play RTTTL song [text]. Read: play status: 0=Idle, 1=Playing
TCLV_ID_CONNECT Force connection establish. Read requested connection status
TCLV_ID_CONNECTION_STATUS Read connection status
TCLV_ID_APP_NAME Application name
TCLV_ID_CONN_TYPE_LIST Connectivity support: bit0=Wifi, bit1=Ethernet, bit2=Mobile
TCLV_ID_CONN_DRIVERS_LIST Connectivity drivers: see CLI command conn_type_list
TCLV_ID_DISABLE_CONN Disable connectivity for N minutes
TCLV_ID_HARDWARE_VER HW version: ID, Major, Minor, BOM
TCLV_ID_APPLICATION_VER Application version: Major, Minor, Revision
TCLV_ID_BOOTLOADER_VER Bootloader version: Major, Minor, Revision
TCLV_ID_APP_READY Application ready status: 0:Not ready, 1:Ready
TCLV_ID_REBOOT Reboot device
TCLV_ID_JUMP_TO_APP Jump to application
TCLV_ID_CONN_FW_VER Connectivity FW version
TCLV_ID_STATUS_SENT If 1, device successfully sent status packet to server, 0 otherwise


  • Fix: Fixed touch power-up handling (may improve power consumption on some devices)
  • Fix: Error handling for writing to constant TCLVs
  • Fix: FW reporting of broken firmware (application and bootloader)
  • Fix: GPS ID in status packet
  • Enhancement: Support for RS9113 FW 1.6.4
  • Fix: RS9110 default DTIM skip set to 200
  • Enhancement: Default ethernet connectivity timeout set to 10 sec
  • Enhancement: System conf set error handling for devices with no touch
  • Fix: Replaced EPD init code for EPD ED097TC1 9.7’’
  • Fix: RS9110 Disabled full power mode prior transmission
  • Enhancement: Integrated WFM 320_R133_AD5F01_ED133UT2C1_TC.wbf
  • Enhancement: RS9110 listen interval command has separate API
  • Enhancement: Added printout when battery empty
  • Enhancement: Touch test mode for production
  • Enhancement: Support for custom disconnected screens
  • Enhancement: TCLV_ID_CONN_TYPE: immediately apply new connectivity
  • Enhancement: W5500: improved socket closing (FIN sent)
  • Fix: device put to sleep if battery empty regardless of the disconnected screens
  • Fix: sporadic duplicated battery screen update
  • Fix: connectivity off if going from battery ready to empty
  • Enhancement: Seamless TCLV command and parameter handling
  • Enhancement: Add remote read only tag to TCLV_ID_SYS_SHIP_MODE
  • Fix: CC3100 asserts replaced with error handling
  • Enhancement: Added support for CC3100 SPI FLASH format via CLI
  • Fix: WIFI_EAP_USERNAME and WIFI_EAP_PASSWORD were exchanged
  • Enhancement: SIM5320: Support for WCDMA IMT 2000 and WCDMA 850 band selection
  • Enhancement: Added target for VT2 ver 1.0 with CC3100 module instead of RS9113
  • Fix: NACK for GPS command if not supported,
  • Fix: Response transmission for sleep command
  • Fix: RS9110 prevent locking of module in higher consumption state
  • Enhancement: Touch events dropped during battery screens
  • Fix: CC3100: Fixed open mode security connection
  • Enhancement: CC3100: Added EAP support.
  • Fix: configuration read for TTLS/MSCHAPV2
  • Enhancement: CC3100: integrated FW
  • Fix: RS9113: Support for fast PSP (automatic power save mode switching) for FW 1.6.1 and above
  • Enhancement: Roaming TCLVs

Firmware version 1

Release 1.24.1257

New features
  • Added support for System Board 32” 1.0
  • Increased HReady timeout to 15s
  • Updated fw_version_get CLI help
  • GPS related commands not shown in help if GPS not enabled
  • Reduced sleep timeouts for USB cable detection

Release 1.21.1257

New features
  • Touch events dropped during battery screens
  • Fixed RSSI reading on mobile connection
  • Improved stability of mobile connection
  • Fixed stripes during first image update after EPD powerup
  • Battery undervoltage handling in case of server frontlight control fixed
  • Heater powered off if external temperature sensor is disconnected

Release 1.12.1257

  • Fixed EPD rails power sequence on System Board 32”

Release 1.9.1257

New features
  • WiFi: added command for background scan
  • Added support for disabling/enabling accelerometer via CLI during sleep
  • Added wifi and mobile settings to TCLV
  • Added wifi EAP settings to TCLV
  • Optimized Wi-Fi driver timeouts
  • Panda DS : improved WiFi stability
  • Touch coordinates on first generation Visionect Sign 6” fixed
  • Fixed crash in shipping mode
  • System Board 32”: Improved power consumption shipping mode is enabled
  • Fixed extended ethernet settings
  • Fixed battery images for first generation Visionect Sign 6”
  • Roaming settings exposed via TCLVs
  • USB cable detection updates battery screens immediately
  • Set default heartbeat interval to 4 minutes
  • Fixed image load in 4bpp mode when image size was not dividable by 4
  • TCLV: setting touch enable/disable via TCLV also switches ON/OFF touch

Firmware version 0

Release 0.5.9

  • Improved WiFi stability with some APs

Release 0.5.7

  • Fixed display type CLI for big numbers

Release 0.5.5

New features
  • WiFi: added command for background scan
  • Optimized Wi-Fi driver timeouts
  • Fixed sporadic touch upgrades after device power-up