Download the Visionect Configurator

To configure your device with the Visionect Configurator, download and run the Configurator:

Previous versions of Visionect Configurator

You might be using a Visionect product (Sign, Driver Board, Module, Development Kit) that is equipped with a very old version of device firmware which is unsupported in the latest version of the Visionect Configurator.

We have an upgrade path for all devices, but if you’re happy with device performance there is no need to deploy new firmware just to configure the device. You can use the CLI with your favourite terminal program or you can download older versions here.

Visionect Configurator 1

  • For Windows: Download VC_1.exe and run the file.
  • For macOS: Download VC_1.dmg, double click on the file and run the app. Install it by dragging it to Apps.
  • For Linux: Download VC_1 and run chmod +x VC_1 to make it executable. Run the app as a superuser.

Visionect Configurator 1.3.10