Visionect Configurator

Having trouble configuring your Visionect device? Consult the list of the most common Visionect Configurator errors below.

Windows: “The program can’t start...” error

If you’re getting The program can't start because MSVCR120.dll is missing... error, then please install the Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 support package.

Windows: Port detection problems

The application will install FTDI (VCOM) drivers (if not already installed). The VCP drivers cause the USB device to appear as an additional COM port available to the PC. You can manually download the driver from: together with the installation guide and troubleshooting (under:support menu).

Wi-Fi Connectivity problems

0x0003, 0x0019 No AP found

  • Has the SSID of the access point been entered correctly? Try entering the SSID again.
  • Has your device gone out of range? Try reducing the distance between the device and the access point.
  • Is the provided password correct? Try typing in the password again.
  • Is your access point using WPA2-PSK encryption? Reconfigure your access point if you’re using WEP or WPA.
  • Is the access point on 2.4 GHz band? Visionect Products currently support only 2.4GHz, so you might need to reconfigure your access point.

0x0008 Deauthentication received from AP

Is the provided password correct? Try typing in the password again.

0x0028,0x0041 PSK length less than 8 bytes or more than 63 bytes, Wrong PSK length

Is the provided password too long? The password should be 31 characters maximum.

0xFF87, 0xBB38

Has the device tried to connect to a non-existent TCP server socket? Check if your server can be accessed from the same network your device is connected to.

0xFF9C DHCP handshake failure

  • Are there enough IP addresses available on the DHCP server? Your device can’t obtain an IP address - perhaps you can extend the DHCP range or configure a static entry for the device.
  • Is your Wi-Fi signal poor? Try moving the device closer to confirm it is not signal related.

Previous versions of Visionect Configurator

You might be using a Visionect product (Sign, Driver Board, Module, Development Kit) that is equipped with a very old version of device firmware which is unsupported in the latest version of the Visionect Configurator.

We have an upgrade path for all devices, but if you’re happy with device performance there is no need to deploy new firmware just to configure the device. You can use the CLI with your favourite terminal program or you can download older versions here.

Visionect Configurator 1

  • For Windows: Download VC_1.exe and run the file.
  • For macOS: Download VC_1.dmg, double click on the file and run the app. Install it by dragging it to Apps.
  • For Linux: Download VC_1 and run chmod +x VC_1 to make it executable. Run the app as a superuser.