Visionect end-of-life products

This document covers the specifications of the Visionect products no longer in production.

Visionect 6’’ Sign (first generation)

The first-generation Visionect 6’’ Signs were enclosed 6” waterproof electronic paper devices connecting via Wi-Fi. These devices are no longer available; if you own one and are experiencing issues, please contact us at


From the Visionect Software Suite 3.0 onwards, first generation Visionect 6’’ Signs are no longer supported by our software. Consequently, if you own a first generation 6’’ Sign, you should not update the Software Suite to version 3.0 or higher.

Visionect 6’’ Sign specification (first generation)

Parameter Specifications Unit
Electronic Paper Display – e-paper (16 level grayscale), refresh rate: 750 ms (4 bit full screen) – 100 ms (1 bit partial), 6’’ display size
(4:3 diagonal), 800×600 screen resolution with full capacitive touch screen interface.
Wi-Fi Connectivity Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n) standard, WPA2-PSK support  
Battery High performance 1 cell Lithium-Polymer 2100 mAh, 46g, 5 hours charging time with a micro-USB charger. mm
Materials Glass Fiber reinforced Polycarbonate (Lexan) – highly resilient plastic, resistant to impact and breakage.  
Robustness / Durability Waterproof / dust resistant, IP-67 standard compliant, shockproof.  
Dimensions (H/W/D): 155 x 124 x 11. mm
Weight 210 g
Weight of the board only 39 g
Operational temperature range 0 to +50 / 32 to 122 °C / °F
Storage temperature range -25 to +70 / -13 to 158 °C / °F